4 killed in a car bomb explosion in Pakistan

Four people were killed when a car bomb, driven by a suicide bomber, exploded at a police checkpoint in a market in northwest Pakistan, local police said.

Two soldiers, a policeman and a civilian were killed in an explosion near the city of Datta Khel in the Waziristan region (North), about 25 kilometers from the border with Afghanistan.

“The suicide bomber blew up his car while he was being searched at the checkpoint,” local police official Rasoul Deraz told AFP. “It seems that the suicide bomber wanted to reach another destination, but he blew himself up when the police stopped him for a routine check,” he added, noting that five people were wounded.

Pakistan has been witnessing a deterioration in the security situation for several months, particularly since the Taliban regained power in Kabul, especially in the areas bordering Afghanistan.

Most of the attacks are carried out by the Pakistani Taliban, a group that is not affiliated with the Afghan Taliban in any organizational framework, but shares an ideology and orientation with it. On Tuesday, the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the killing of six security personnel after dozens of its gunmen surrounded a gas and oil exploration site belonging to a Hungarian energy group.

North Waziristan is one of the oldest semi-autonomous tribal regions in northwestern Pakistan, and the army carried out many operations in it against insurgents linked to Al Qaeda and the Taliban movement after the US and NATO invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Source » easternherald