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GFATF - LLL - Abbas Hussein Harb

Abbas Hussein Harb

Terror organization: Hezbollah.

Status: Hezbollah financier form money laundering and drugs smuggling

Roll: He was one of the major facilitators for Hezbollah in the last decade in Latin America, and probably still today. He was big scale money launderer and involved in the drug smuggling. He was part of Joumma network in the north part of the continent, with several businesses in Venezuela and Colombia.

Location: probably still in Venezuela or Colombia.

Date Of Birth: 11 Nov 1979;

Address: Ave Pedro Melean, cruce con Calle No. 73, Local No. 22, Sector Santa Rosa, Valencia, Venezuela; Calle 10A No.12-21, Maicao, Colombia; Carrera 70 No. 76-50 BG 3, Barranquilla, Colombia; Calle 10 No 11-63, Maicao, Colombia;

Passport: Venezuelan 1368212;

National ID No.: 21495203; 22465548; 264521; 398330; 076592; 041789;

Known Also As: Abass Hussein HARB;

Abbas Hussein Harb and Ibrahim Chibli are being designated today pursuant to the Kingpin Act for collaboration with designated drug kingpin Ayman Joumaa in the movement of millions of dollars of narcotics-related proceeds. Harb’s Colombia- and Venezuela-based organization launders money for the Joumaa network through the Lebanese financial sector. Chibli used his position as the manager of the Abbassieh branch of Fenicia Bank in Lebanon to facilitate the movement of money for Joumaa and Harb. For example, in 2010, Joumaa moved over a million dollars into an account owned by Harb and managed by Chibli. Harb is a dual citizen of Venezuela and Lebanon, and Chibli is a Lebanese national.

Saleh is the brother of Joumaa-network associate Kassem Mohamad Saleh, who was also named today under the Kingpin Act for his role in supporting Abbas Hussein Harb.

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