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Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen At-Turki

Born: 4 August 1940.


At-Turki is a Muslim religious leader from Saudi Arabia who is General Secretary of the Muslim World League.

He founded and headed the Islamic Council of Germany, together with other leading MB members.

In addition to the Muslim World League at-Turki is also the leader of a few regional and international non-governmental Islamic organizations and is the chairman of the following institutions:

League of Islamic Universities;

Council of general secretaries of the university named after King Feisal in Chad;

Global Islamic Council in London, England;

Association of Islamic Universities;

Council of general secretaries of the Islamic Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland;

Committee of Planning, Methodology of the World Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan;

Support Fund of Islamic Universities, Supreme Council on Islam Affairs in Cairo, Egypt;

World Islamic Council of Appeal and Salvation.

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