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Abdelmalek Boutalliss

Born: 22 April 1995;

Place of Birth: Kortrijk, Belgium;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Belgian;

General Info:
Abdelmalek Boutalliss was born on 22 April 1995 in Kortrijk, Belgium to a family of North African descent. His interest in his Islamic faith grew when a teacher asked him about the religion, and he began visiting a local mosque, where he was recruited into the Islamic State by a veteran of the Syrian Civil War.

He secretly left his house when he should have been studying for exams, and he flew to Turkey, sending a picture of himself to his mother and telling not to expect him for dinner. Boutalliss became known as “Abu Nusaybah al-Belgiki”, and in mid-2015 he met with his father Idriss Abdelmalek in Syria.

Abdelmalek told his father that he would be immediately arrested on his return to Belgium, and he refused to go home. On 10 November 2015, it was announced that he had destroyed three Iraqi military vehicles in a suicide bombing, although Iraqi officials claimed that his attack was foiled.

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