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Adil Abduh Fari Uthman al-Dhubhani

Born: 15 July 1963; alt. 1971;

Place of Birth: Ta’izz, Yemen;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Yemen;

National ID No.: 01010013602 (Yemen);

1. Ta’izz City, Ta’izz Governorate, Yemen;
2. Almqwat Mahtah Ahmed Sif, Taiz City, Taiz Governorate, Yemen;

Known also as: Adil Abd Fari Al-Makani; Adil Fari Al-Malkab; Adil Abdu Bin-Fari Bin-Uthman; Adil Muhammad Abdu Fari; Adil Mohammad Abdu Fazi; Abu Al-Abbas; Adel Abduh Farea’a; Adil Abd Fari; Adil Abdah Fari; ‘Adil ‘Abdih Far’a; Adil Abdu Faarea; Adil Abdu Faari’a; Adil Abdu Farea; Adil Abdu Faria; Amir Muminen; Amir Muminin; Abu-al-Abbas Adil Abdu Fari; Abu-al-Abbas Adil Abduh Fari.


Al-Dhubhani is a prominent military instructor with AQAP with a large number of fighters under his supervision. He has commanded an armed AQAP-associated group made up of approximately 2,000 fighters. And he has used his connections to conduct fundraising for AQAP throughout Taiz Governorate and overseas.

Treasury says that al-Dhubhani led these AQAP forces as of early 2017, but months earlier he also purportedly backed the Islamic State in Taiz.

As of early June 2016, al-Dhubhani served with the Islamic State in Taiz Governorate, where his deputies, along with a large number of other (Islamic State) fighters, fought under the Sunni resistance. Al-Dhubhani also paid various Sunni militants, to secure continued support for (Islamic State) activities in Taiz in late October 2016.

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