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Abdur Rahman

January 25, 2021 Extremists

Born: 1992;

Place of Birth: India;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Indian;

General Info:
Abdur Rahman allegedly joined the Islamic State terror group to further its ideology and illegal activities in India.

He has been charge-sheeted for furthering the ideology and activities of proscribed terrorist organisation ISIS/Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) in connivance with co-accused Jahanzaib Sami Wani and others for committing subversive/anti national activities in India.

The NIA took up the investigation, and during the course of the probe, Rahman was arrested in August 2020 from Bangalore by the agency.

Rahman got radicalised when he was a student of MBBS at the Bangalore Medical College. He listened to online lectures of hardline Islamic preachers, including ”Anwar Awlaki”, the NIA official said.

He came in contact with other radicalised youths and travelled to Syria in December 2013 and participated in various terrorist activities of the Islamic State, the official said, adding that after his return to India, he continued to remain associated with the ideology of the Islamic State.

Rahman made efforts to develop applications for medical and military requirements of the Islamic State. He was in regular communication with Islamic State terrorists located abroad and in India through Threema, a secure messaging platform.

The NIA official said Rahman achieved significant progress towards developing a medical application for treatment of Islamic State terrorists and also a laser guided anti-tank missile application for controlling trajectory of missiles for enhancing their effectiveness.

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