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Abou Merhi Lines


Abou Merhi Lines (AML) is a privately owned shipping company providing vehicle and rolling cargo transportation on a continuously growing network of routes.

The company was established in 1992 by Abou Merhi Family. It plays a major role in the global supply chain of second-hand cars.

Abou Merhi Ship Management GMBH is Abou Merhi Lines’ core provider of technical and crewing management services. Established in 2011. It includes the offshore company Abu Merhi Ship Management SAL (Beirut) and AML Ship Management GmbH (Hamburg).

AML’s fleet includes the ships:


The registered owners of the ships are not AML or Abou Merhi Group but other companies:

City of Lutece: Medsail Maritime Co ltd.

City of Misurata: Tyre Maritime Ltd.

Orient Queen II: Orient Queen Shipping Ltd.

City of Tokyo: Cedar Car Carrier AS

City of Antwerp: Berytus Maritime Ltd.

Cedar Car Carrier AS – the nationality of registration of this company is Norway.

Company number: 913770188;
Phone: 22 93 60 00;
Fax: 22 93 63 40;
Address: c/o Fearnley Finans Management AS Grev Wedels plass 9, 0151 Oslo;
Address: c/o Fearnley Finans Management AS Postboks 1158 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo;
Date of establishment: 05.27.2014;
Share capital: 30,000.

Tyre Maritime Ltd – Address c/o Abou Merhi Ship Management, 3rd Floor, Atrium Building, Weygand Street, Beirut, Lebanon.

Medsail Maritime Co Ltd – Address c/o Abou Merhi Ship Management, 3rd Floor, Atrium Building, Weygand Street, Beirut, Lebanon.

Berytus Maritime Ltd – Address BP 175016, c/o Abou Merhi Lines SAL, 3rd Floor, Atrium Building, Weygand Street, Beirut, Lebanon.

Orient Queen Shipping Ltd – Address c/o AML Ship Management GmbH, Borstelmannsweg 145, 20537 Hamburg, Germany.

AML’s fleet arrives at the following ports: Hamburg, Antwerp, Rouen, Dakar, Conakry, Abidjan, Tema, Lome, Cotonou, Malabo, Bata, Douala, Pointe Noir, Tripoli, Beirut, Sour, Misurata, Khoms, Tobruk.

AML has 3 offices:

⚫ Abou Merhi Linienagentur GmbH -Borstelmannsweg 145, Hamburg;

⚫ BLG Auto Terminal GmbH & Co. –Kattwykweg 7, Hamburg;

⚫ Abou Merhi Lines, Sea Port Terminal –Haanddorpweg Kai 1227, Beveren, Belgium.

AML works with the following booking agents:

Hamburg – Germany: Abou Merhi Linienagentur GMBH

PIC: Mr. Wajdi Nasr
GSM: 00491716731370
E-mail: wajdi@abou-merhi-hamburg.com

Antwerp Agent for Cargo to Lebanon: Schellen Shipping

PIC: Mr. Alec Schellen
GSM: 003232290020
E-mail: info@uac.be

Antwerp Agent for Cargo to West Africa: Millhill Shipping

PIC: Mr. Andre Carez
GSM: 003232346363
E-mail: andrecarez@ilomar.be

Savona – Italy: Marittima Spedizioni Srl

PIC: Mrs. Milena Guarino
GSM: 0039019821375
E-mail: m.guarino@marittimaspedizioni.it

Cotonou – Benin: Abou Merhi Cotonou (AMC)

Mr. Ahmad El Bezri
GSM: 0022997222222
E-mail: ahmad.elbezri@aboumerhilines.com

Lome – Togo: Somac SARL

Mr. Mathurin Hassikpezi
GSM: 0022890110573
E-mail: mathurin@somac.tg

Tripoli – Lebanon: Moubayed Shipping Agency

Mr. Imad El Moubayed
GSM: 009613219091
E-mail: info@moubayed.net

Beirut – Lebanon: Kordahi Agency

Mr. Edward Kordahi
GSM: 009611449511/2/3
E-mail: edomarbox@yahoo.com

Tyr – Lebanon: D&R Shipping Agency

Mr. Rahi Khalifeh
GSM: 009613219393
E-mail: d_r_ship@hotmail.com

Misurata/Khoms/Tobruk/Dernah – Lybia: United Shipping Agency

Mr. Mohammad Sheninah
GSM: 00218913706158
E-mail: operation2@us.com.ly

Pointe Noire – Congo: Compagnie Congolaise de Recyclage (CCR)

Mr. Nabil Gebeily
GSM: 00242069060606
E-mail: nabil@cgpnr.com

Hamburg – Germany: Fracht Contor Junge +Co.GmbH

Mr. Stephan Hieke
GSM: 0049403000387
E-mail: agency.hamburg@frachtcontor.de

Antwerp – Belgium: Ilomar Agencies

Mr. Roger Van den Bussche
GSM: 0032475247164
E-mail: r.vandenbussche@csbelgium.be

Conakry – Guinea: Afrimarine

Mr. Ibrahim Sow
GSM: 00224657626262
E-mail: ibm@afrimarine.com

Douala – Cameroon: Afritramp/Douala Branch

Mr. Isaac Bossambo Ningue
GSM: 0023733501212
E-mail: Afritramp.dla@bollore.com

Abidjan – Cote D’Ivoire: Oracle Shipping

Mr. Yves Assi
GSM: 0022521245192
E-mail: yves.assi@gmail.com

Bata – Equatorial Guinea: Deltamar S.A.

Mr. Maruf AKM
GSM: 00240222669977
E-mail: operation.bata@deltamar .com

Malabo – Equatorial Guinea: Deltamar S.A. Joshy Inasu

GSM: 00240333099690
E-mail: info@deltamar.com

Savona – Italy: Marittima Spedizioni Srl

Mr. Vittorio Grosso
GSM: 00393459038274
E-mail: opssv@marittimaspedizioni.it

Zuara: Tayeb Shipping Agencies

Mr. Hani Al Taib
GSM: 00218912117393
E-mail: taib.zuwara@gmail.com

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