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Abu Bakr al-Jaziri

Born: 13 February 1970;

Place of Birth: Rouiba, Algiers, Algeria;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Algeria;

Address: Peshawar, Pakistan;


Al-Jaziri was the finance chief of the Afghan Support Committee (ASC) and also served as the head of organized fundraising for Osama bin Laden.

Al-Jaziri collected funds for Al-Qaida in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, through ASC. He also collected money for Al-Qaida from local nongovernmental organizations by claiming the funds were for orphans and widows. Al-Jaziri then turned the funds over to Al-Qaida operatives. Both Al-Jaziri and Al-Libi, defrauded well-meaning contributors by diverting money donated for widows and orphans to al-Qaida terrorists.

In 2000, he moved from Jalalabad to Pakistan where he continued to raise and transfer funds for Al-Qaida. He was arrested in Pakistan in 2003.

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