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Gaza activists threaten the Eurovision Song Contest with rockets

Gaza activists threaten the Eurovision Song Contest with rockets

April 17, 2019 » Today News » /


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Gaza activists threatened the Eurovision Song Contest with rockets if Israel refuses to reach an agreement with Hamas and lift the blockade around Gaza, Channel 20 reported on Monday.

A video that has been circulating in Palestinian media in April insinuated Gazans would attack Israel and the contest if the demands were not met.

The video began with images of Eurovision, and stated, “You are invited to the big event,” written in in Hebrew and Arabic.

“But…” As the music and video changed tones, the video warned, “Don’t celebrate and dance when there are two million Gazans suffering. If you want to celebrate, lift the siege and come to an agreement, don’t digress.”

The video zoomed out and showed the hypothetical Eurovision buildings from a satellite birds eye-view. With the targets locked, rocket sirens was alerted. A sound of an explosion can be heard as the words, “Implement the understanding so you can hold the festivities,” come across the screen.

It is not yet clear who released or created video.

Eurovision is set to coincide, with Nakba Day, commemorating the displacement of Palestinians after the War of Independence. Eurovision is scheduled to take place between May 14th and May 18th in Tel Aviv.

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