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Akbarzhon Jalilov

December 11, 2019 Extremists

Born: April 1, 1995;

Place of Birth: City of Osh, Kyrgyzstan;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Kyrgyz, Russian;

General Info:
Akbarzhon Jalilov was a 22-year-old Russian citizen born in Kyrgyzstan. He is a former sushi chef who has been named as the suicide bomber who killed 14 people and injured 50 in the St. Petersburg train massacre. Russian officials believe Jalilov had close ties to Islamic radicals.

Terror Activities:
Jalilov set off an explosion between Sennaya Ploshchad and Sadovaya train station, killing himself and many others. He also planted a second device hidden in a fire extinguisher that failed to explode. Russian bomb squads managed to defuse the device safely.

CCTV images of the suspect are showing him in a red Parka jacket and carrying a backpack through the Metro. Other images of him walking along the street see his fists clenched, potentially because he was clutching the trigger of the bomb.

Apparently, the organizers of the terrorist attack tracked events inside Russia, where in the spring of 2017 political activity was on the rise. In March, soome opposition rallies took place in the country’s cities. The leaked convesation shows that the terrorists believed that “non-system” Russian opposition is their ally.

“Those who are not dogs who are now going to a rally we do not need them (to blow them up). Because these simple ones are considered on our side. They have been waiting for a long time. And if they suffer, then they (the authorities) will tell them: “See what happened?” Therefore, we won’t attack them, we’ll attack those who are against them,” one of the alleged organizers of the terrorist attack told Dzhalilov over the phone.

The bomber himself justified that he could not find some kind of light bulb, which was necessary for the proper operation of the improvised explosive device (IED).

“Tomorrow, insha’llah, I will look for it and find it. If I have time tomorrow, I will. If I do not have time – a day later. One day later, maybe two days later,” he said on April 1st.

Meaning that there could have been even more victims if the attack happened on April 2nd, a Sunday, and there could have been more people, depending on where the IED (or more) was set off.

“Brother, you are not in a hurry,” his accomplice told him.

“Not that I’m in a hurry, just tomorrow (on Sunday) would be a very good opportunity. If it is possible, we’ll do it. If I can make it happen, then so it will be, inshallah,” said Dzhalilov.

He further suggested to carry out a terrorist attack with a car bomb.

“This plan is very effective, because one – there is a long road, there is a sidewalk, and there are about 100 meters, with people walking on foot. For the car, too, there is a road and they can be taken down one by one. In the center, in general, you can take down many, if someone wants to do that. I’ve just set my mind on this,” said the terrorist.

The answer to this proposal was: “Let us leave everything to the will of the Highest.” It could be presumed that they appeared in a hurry to organize something.

In turn, Dzhalilov, as it were, justified himself and told his handler that all he did was for Allah.

“Remember: my goal is not for some person, not for the sake of something. Just for the contentment of Allah. This is my intention. In the day of judgment, you will remind Allah ofit. Only the contentment of the Almighty. I walk on this road in order to only find his contentment. Nothing else. You will be the witnesses. Only for the sake of Allah, so that he should be pleased with me,” he explained.

Another and, apparently, the last conversation between the terrorists took place the next day, April 2nd.

“Little brother, out of a hundred there is only one you. Do not forget. That’s all, brother, good, may Allah protect you. Give our regards to the prophet. In the morning, when you leave, all the things that I said, if possible (eliminate). And chlorine (previously the handler insisted that Dzhalilov treat the entire apartment with chlorine before his last departure) do not forget, either,” one of the organizers said.

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