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Al-Khalidi Exchange

September 12, 2019 Business Sector / /

1. Cankaya Mahallesi, Silifke Cd. Akdeniz, Mersin 33070, Turkey;
2. 7 Ilkbahar Cd, Bursa, Turkey;
3. Raqqah, Syria;
4. Nishtaman building second floor, New Borsa, Irbil, Iraq;
5. Kapali Carsi, Reisoglu Sk., No: 25-27 Beyazit-Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey;
6. Atikali Mahallesi, Fevzi Pasa Cd. 98-100, Fatih, Istanbul 34087, Turkey;
7. Sanliurfa Market Yildiz Field Maidan, Sanliurfa, Turkey;
8. Yildiz field, Sanliurfa, Turkey;
9. Kapali Carsi, Istanbul, Turkey;
10. Aksaray, Istanbul, Turkey;
11. Zeytoun Bourno, Istanbul, Turkey;
12. Iquitli Mimat Akef Street, Istanbul, Turkey;
13. Oak Square, Istanbul, Turkey;
14. Asnioret, Istanbul, Turkey;
15. Independence, Mersin, Turkey;
16. Sarashieh, Anteb, Turkey;
17. Al-Sharshieh, Bursa, Turkey;
18. Al-Sharsheh, Adana, Turkey;
19. Gaziantep, Turkey;
20. Dayr Az Zawr, Syria;
21. Al Mayadin, Syria;
22. Ismet Inonu Buvari 86, Mersin 33050, Turkey;
23. Halaskar Gazi Caddesi 224, Istanbul 34384, Turkey;

Known also as: Al Khaldi Company LLC; Al Khaldi Gold And Exchange Company; Alkhaledi Jewelry Company; Al-Khalidi Company; Al-Khalidi Jewelry Shop; Al-Khalidi Money Exchange; Al-Khalidi Money Transfer Office; Al-Khalidy Jewelry Company; Khalidi Company; Khalidi Company For Jewelry.


As of September 2017, ISIS-affiliated al-Khalidi served as a hawala financial exchange office. All locations were run by two individuals who knowingly assisted ISIS members in financial transfers. Al-Khalidi’s office in Mayadin, Syria also served as an internet café for ISIS members in addition to its function as a hawala money transfer office.

As of early 2017, al-Khalidi in al-Raqqah, Syria, and Gaziantep, Turkey were involved in ISIS’s transfer of funds from Iraq through al-Raqqah, Syria, to Gaziantep, Turkey, in support of ISIS. As of 2017, ISIS also transferred money into Syria via al-Khalidi.

As of late 2016, Al-Khalidi was the most important financial transfer office in the region used to move money to fund ISIS-held areas. Al-Khalidi was the largest financial exchange office that dealt with ISIS. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per day passed through the office in Sanliurfa, Turkey.

As of mid-2016, Fawaz al-Rawi, who was subsequently designated in late 2016 as an ISIS financier, arranged for cash shipments to Iraq and Turkey. Fawaz al-Rawi was the owner and operator of the designated Hanifa Currency Exchange in Albu Kamal, Syria, which he used to store ISIS external funds. Fawaz al-Rawi conducted financial transactions with agents and transfer currency-exchanges throughout the region, including al-Khalidi exchanges in Sanliurfa, Turkey.

As of mid-2015, al-Khalidi’s Istanbul, Izmir, and Sanliurfa branches facilitated money transfers and transactions for ISIS. During this same timeframe, ISIS maintained a telephone directory of associates and managers of various ISIS offices, which included Syria-based locations for al-Khalidi Exchange and al-Hebo Jewelry Company.

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