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Al-Mustafa Community Centre

Founded in: Germany;

Purpose: Providing financial and propaganda support to the Hezbollah terrorist group;

Headquarters: Bremen, Germany;

Al-Mustafa Community Center is one of the largest hubs of pro-Hezbollah and pro-Iranian regime activity in Germany that supported terrorism against Israel.

Al-Mustafa actively propagates and promotes violence or comparably serious acts contrary to international law such as terrorism against the State of Israel.

It was also proven that there were anti-Israel books and writings in the association’s premises, including, for example, a flyer by the political and religious leader of Iran.

The flyer contains messages aimed solely at negating the legitimacy of the state of Israel and using violence to resist Israel.

In 2018, Bremen intelligence agency report stated: “The Al-Mustafa-Community Center supports Hezbollah in Lebanon, especially by collecting donations.”

According to the Bremen authorities, a cleric affiliated with Hezbollah and a representative of its Lebanese terrorist movement participated in events at the Al-Mustafa organization in the northern city of Bremen.

The Bremen interior agency statement added that the “glorification and homage of a German-born Hezbollah fighter during a funeral service within the AMG (Al-Mustafa Community) and explicit designation of him as a martyr in social media makes it clear that the AL-Mustafa Community supported the militant actions of the terrorist organization.”

The statement continued that “There is evidence that the Al-Mustafa Community tried to introduce children to its ideology and thus also to that of Hezbollah at an early age. The association’s so-called scout group was also banned.”

The ban of the Hezbollah association means that it is “prohibited to use the association’s labels in public, in a meeting or in writings, sound and image carriers and illustrations or representations that are distributed.

The ban also means that the Al-Mustafa Community must not continue its activities in other organizations.

A Bremen intelligence report said additional activities of the Al-Mustafa center involve participation in events and demonstrations.

According to the report, every year sympathizers and supporters of Hezbollah across Germany participated publicly in the anti-Israel demonstration for the international Al-Quds Day on June 23, 2017, in Berlin.

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