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Al Nusra Front terrorists are planning to strike Idlib

Al Nusra Front terrorists are planning to strike Idlib

November 27, 2019 » Today News » /


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The Defence Ministry of Russia has said that they suspect terrorists belonging to the Al-Nusra Front which is also known as al-Qaeda in Syria, are planning to attack the northwestern city of Idlib in Syria.

The Defence Ministry said the terrorists are planning an airstrike along with White Helmets and the Syria Civil Defence forces.

“Several sources have confirmed that the information about militants from the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham [terrorist] group … together with the White Helmets organization are planning on attacking settlements in the Idlib de-escalation zone in order to stage incidents of airstrikes with the use of chemical weapons,” the Defence Ministry said in a media statement.

The Defence Ministry further said the attacks are planned to be used against Russia. “It is being planned to make fake videos of destruction caused by airstrikes and artillery shooting at civil targets and the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Idlib province.

[The videos] will be published on social media and used to blame the Syrian government and Russia over their alleged actions against civilians,” it said. The ministry added that residents of the Sarmada, in Idlib Governorate, had seen terrorists arriving in the town in early November this year in trucks that were loaded with video-making equipment and Russian artillery.

According to various reports by UNHCR (United Nations Human Rights Council ), the war between various groups in Syria has killed millions since 2011. According to sources, more than 570,000 people have been killed and 7.6 million people are displaced. The war has also made the accommodation of 5 million refugees difficult. The war is considered one of the worst humanitarian crisis.

Source: Republic World