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Al Rehmat Trust

1. 537/1-Z Defense Housing Area (DHA) Lahore, Pakistan;
2. Office 22, Third Floor, al Fatah Plaza, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi, Pakistan;
3. Room No. 22, 3rd Floor, al-Fateh Plaza, Commercial Market Road, Chandi Chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan;
4. Karachi, Pakistan;
5. Muzaffarabad, Nelam Road, Bandi Chehza, Pakistan;
6. Balakot, Besyan Chouk, Pakistan;
7. Haripur, Rajana Road Srah-Salah, Pakistan;
8. Rehana Road, Sirai Salih, Post Box #22, G.P.O. Haripur, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan;


After Jaish-e Mohammed (JeM) was designated as terrorist group, and after being banned in Pakistan in 2002, JeM began using al Rehmat Trust as a front for its operations.

Al Rehmat Trust has provided support for militant activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including financial and logistical support to foreign fighters operating in both countries.

In early 2009, several prominent members of al Rehmat Trust were recruiting students for terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

Al Rehmat Trust has also been involved in fundraising for JeM, including for militant training and indoctrination at its mosques and madrassas.

As of early 2009, al Rehmat Trust had initiated a donation program in Pakistan to help support families of militants who had been arrested or killed.

In early 2007, al Rehmat Trust was raising funds on behalf of Khudam-ul Islam, an alias for JeM. Al Rehmat Trust has also provided financial support and other services to the Taliban, including financial support to wounded Taliban fighters from Afghanistan.

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