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Al-Shabaab terrorists shelled the Mogadishu airport

Al-Shabaab terrorists shelled the Mogadishu airport

May 11, 2020 » Today News » /


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 Affected Countries: somalia;

In what is now becoming a habit, the Islamist, Al-Qaeda-created fighter group, Al Shabaab, has again shelled the Somalia capital airport at around sunset Saturday.

According to the reports, 3 to 4 mortar shells inside the Adan Adde International airport which lies in the same area as the AU’s AMISOM Halane base camp.

No casualties were reported by either side.

But, as on its mortar attack on April 20, this year, the group claimed that they were aiming to hit the AMISOM base camp which is only separated from the airport by a fence with AMISOM troops manning the security of both facilities.

Again Al Shabaab put the number of shells fired at 7 – contradicting other sources.

“The martyrs – Mujahidin – have rained seven mortar shells on Halane – the largest base camp of the crusaders invading Somalia,” a statement Al Shabaab released stated, claiming that ‘damages have been inflicted on the enemy’.

Source: MENA FN