GFATF - LLL - Albania transfers Islamic State terror suspect to Germany

Albania transfers Islamic State terror suspect to Germany

The man known as Komron B. was immediately arrested upon arrival at Frankfurt Airport. He has been accused of plotting to attack US military facilities on behalf of the “Islamic State” terrorist network.

Albania has transferred a Tajik man to Germany after he was accused of being part of a terrorist cell that allegedly planned to attack US military bases in the federal republic, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The suspect, identified only as Komron B. due to German legal requirements, stands accused of being a member of the Islamic State (IS). He was arrested in Albania on April 29 and was in extradition custody there until his transfer.

Komron B. was detained immediately and taken into custody after arriving at Frankfurt airport on Monday, federal prosecutors confirmed via a statement.

The latest development comes after four other Tajiks were detained in Germany in mid-April. Their alleged leader was arrested in March of last year.

Prosecutors said Komron B. and the other suspects joined IS in January 2019 before creating a cell in Germany at the behest of the group’s executives in Syria and Afghanistan. They initially wanted to go to Tajikistan and fight that country’s government.

However, they allegedly changed tack and decided to plan attacks in Germany, either on US military bases or against individuals. One such plot involved an attack on an unidentified person living in Germany who they perceived to be critical of Islam.

As part of their efforts to raise funds for their plans, one of the cell’s members went to Albania to carry out an assassination for $40,000 (€34,000) but the plot broke down at the last minute, prosecutors said.

Source: DW