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Alexanda Amon Kotey

Born: 13 December 1983;

Place of Birth: Paddington, London, United Kingdom;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Ghana; alt. Greece; alt. Cyprus; alt. United Kingdom;

Address: Ar Raqqah, Syria;


Kotey, who is half Ghanaian, half Greek Cypriot, grew up in Shepherd’s Bush, just under two miles away from Emwazi. He is responsible for beheading 27 hostages.

Kotey have converted to Islam, grown a beard, and begun dressing in robes in his early twenties, after falling in love with a Muslim woman. He left two young children in Britain.

He is also connected to the “London Boys” – a network of extremists who fomented radical Islam while playing five-a-side football in west London and have been linked to the 7/7 London bombings and the subsequent failed 21/7 plot.

Kotey travelled to the Middle East alongside three other known extremists on a controversial aid convoy to Gaza organized by the London mayoral candidate George Galloway in 2009, and was never heard from him since.

Kotey known as “Ringo”, traveled to Raqqa, ISIS’s capital, where he is suspected of joining the group of Britons who systematically beheaded and tortured hostages placed under their watch and would become known as “Beatles”.

Kotey (“Ringo”) is the second member of the cell to be identified, after “Jihadi John” was exposed as west Londoner, Mohammed Emwazi. The other members of the cell, are nicknamed “George” and “Paul”.

These four members of the “Beatles” cell gained a reputation as the cruelest of all ISIS guards, using electric shocks, waterboarding, and mock executions – including a staged crucifixion – to terrorise their hostages.

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