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Ali Musa Al-Shawakh

Born: 01 January 1973 to 31 December 1973;

Place of Birth: Sahl village, Raqqa province, Syria;

Nationality: Syria;


Al-Shawakh is designated for acting for or on behalf of ISIL.

As of mid-2015, Syrian national al-Shawakh served as ISIL’s governor for Raqqah, Syria. After previously serving as ISIL’s senior security official for Syria, and as governor in Aleppo, roles in which he directed combat assignments for foreign fighters.

Al-Shawakh was in charge of ISIL’s detention of foreign hostages, and oversaw the appointment of other ISIL leaders.

Al-Shawakh supervised security matters, including executions, interrogations, and transfers of ISIL prisoners, at an al-Raqqah detention facility used to hold foreign hostages and ISIL foreign recruits who had refused to fight.

In mid-2014, al-Shawakh ordered the beheadings of two ISIL hostages.

Al-Shawakh also served on a governance council chaired by ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (a.k.a. Dr. Ibrahim al-Badri).

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