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Ali Reda Abdallah

Also Known As: Joseph Ilya Haidamous; Haidamous, Joseph Elia; Haydamous, Joseph Elia;

Citizenship: Lebanese;

Date Of Birth: 19 May 1962;

Country: Lebanon;

Passport: LR1191153 (Lebanon); alt. A12404797 (Iraq);

Ali Reda Abdallah, Ahmad Abdallah’s other brother, coordinated closely with Ahmad Abdallah in 2020 to further their investment projects in Iraq on behalf of Hezbollah.

When accounts were opened for several of Ahmad Abdallah’s businesses, Ali Reda Abdallah was one of the associates given power of attorney for the accounts.

Additionally, when Ahmad Abdallah restructured the ownership for several of the companies that he owned in Iraq with Ali Reda Abdallah, he planned to transfer 100 percent of the ownership for one of the companies to Ali Reda Abdallah.

As of March 2020, Ahmad Abdallah and his brother Ali Reda Abdallah had stepped forward from Hezbollah to purchase a bottling plant in Iraq.

The purchase was viewed as part of an effort by Hezbollah to open intelligence and commercial fronts in Iraq for investment projects, which could then become fronts for IRGC and Hezbollah in the country.

Subsequently, a local law enforcement raid at one of the plants was conducted and Ahmad Abdallah was caught altering labels on medications brought in from Lebanon and sold on the black market to pharmacies.

Ali Reda Abdallah was associated with several Ahmad Abdallah companies, including United International Exhibition Company, and had financial connections to several other companies, including United General Contracting, Al Moukhtar Products Co. SARL, and United General Holding.

Ali Reda Abdallah was expelled from Sweden in the 1990s and deported as a result of his activities on behalf of Hezbollah and for plotting an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm.

Ali Reda Abdallah is being designated for having materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, Ahmad Abdallah.

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