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The Alternative for Germany (AfD) slams proposal set to allow ex-ISIS terrorists to bring family to Germany

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) slams proposal set to allow ex-ISIS terrorists to bring family to Germany


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The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has unsurprisingly been very critical of the German federal government’s proposals to assist refugees, including those who formerly had ties to hardline Islamist groups, with bringing their families to Germany, as part of the country’s family reunification program.

Alice Weidel, the leader of the AfD in the Bundestag, slammed proposals by the German government to allow the families of refugees, including those who formerly had ties to terrorist groups, such as the ISIS terrorist organization, to be relocated to Germany.

“This piece of draft legislation is from the madhouse. The duty of the federal government is to ensure, in the interest of public security, that perpetrators, Islamic extremists and potential terrorists leave the country as quickly as possible. Instead, the federal government wants to make it easier for such people to settle permanently in our country by catching up with their families,” AfD leader Alice Weidel said on May 9 according to an official party press release.

Dr. Weidel insisted that, in the interest of “public security,” Germany should be getting rid of such people, not encouraging more to enter the country.

“The present ‘exceptions’ should be reduced and eliminated, rather than extended. Those who fought abroad for an enemy power, ISIS [Daesh], should be expatriated and expelled as far as possible and not rewarded with family reunification.”

Last month, an ex-bodyguard for the former leader of the al-Qaeda franchise, Osama bin Laden, was reported to be living in Germany and fighting for his right to remain in the European state, while he and his family received taxpayer-funded social security benefits.

She described claims that such family reunification policies aid integration and therefore improve national security as “flimsy” and warned that the law is being abused.

“The flimsy argument that family reunification serves the purpose of ‘integration’ becomes a laughing stock. The ‘Protection of Marriage and Family’ must not be abused to openly assume security risks at the expense of the general public. Anyone who initiates and approves such decisions damages the country and jeopardizes the security of its citizens,” Dr. Weidel added.

The top AfD official went on to call on the members of the Bundestag to oppose the law in the event of a vote.

“I appeal to all prudent and responsible colleagues in the Bundestag to reject these plans without any ifs or buts,” she concluded.

Source: Sputnik

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