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Amaani Noor

December 13, 2019 Extremists

Born: 1998;

Place of Birth: Liverpool, United Kingdom;

Gender: Female;

Nationality: British;

General Info:
Former beauty contest finalist Amaani Noor is a former beauty queen has been found guilty of funding terrorism after sending her online “husband” £35.

She was a one-time girlfriend of Liverpool FC player Sheyi Ojo, and she told the Court she had become increasingly religious after breaking up with the Premier League footballer, focusing on her religion, Islam.

Terror Activities:
Amaani Noor had attempted to join the Islamist fighter in Syria and prosecutors accused her of supporting violent jihad and sharia law.

She initially underwent a religious wedding ceremony with a Muslim preacher at her home in Wavertree, and they planned to move to Saudi Arabia before the marriage failed. The court heard that Noor then started discussing extremist organisations with people she met on the internet.

Her trial was read messages between Noor and 28-year-old Victoria Webster, who previously pleaded guilty to three counts of funding terrorism. The court heard she “married” her new husband, who communicated with her on the Telegram app using the name Hakim My Love, in a video-link ceremony on her 20th birthday.

In Telegram messages, Webster, 28, of Nelson in Lancashire, described the group Noor’s husband fought for the Islamic State. But Noor claimed he described himself as an “independent” fighter in Syria and she believed he was fighting for Islam and sharia law.

She had planned to join him, she said, and on the day police searched her house had tickets booked to Turkey. The court heard Noor made a $45 (£35) donation using the name Margaret Allen to an organisation called The Merciful Hands, via Paypal, in May 2018.

She was given the details by Webster, who told her that a fighter in Syria was struggling with debt during Ramadan and needed money for food and supplies. Noor, who ran an online jewellery business, had never met Webster or her “husband” in person but communicated them with on Telegram.

She claimed she gave the money believing it would be used to buy food for women and children in Syria, but prosecutors said she knew it may be used for terrorist purposes.

Noor was convicted of funding terrorism on Thursday by a majority of 10 to two following three hours and 38 minutes of deliberations.

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