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ISIS announces death of prominent commander in Sinai

ISIS announces death of prominent commander in Sinai

July 24, 2018 » Today News »

The ISIS terrorist group affiliate in Egypt’s Sinai region announced on Monday the death of one its commanders.

Websites linked to the group said that Abou Jaafar al-Maqdesi was killed, but did not go into the details of the time and place of his death.

A statement by the “Union of Sinai Tribes” said on Sunday that a number of ISIS leaders were killed in an operation by the Egyptian armed forces and with the efforts of local tribes.

Tribal sources in northern Sinai told Asharq Al-Awsat that al-Maqdesi was part of a group of terrorists who had infiltrated Sinai from the Gaza Strip.

The past two days witnessed fierce clashes in the regions south of Rafah, they said on condition of anonymity.

A number of tribe members also took part in the fighting that probably claimed the life of Maqdesi, they added.

The Egyptian military and security forces have since February been waging a large scale campaign to eliminate terrorists from the Sinai peninsula. ISIS has been behind several attacks in Egypt that have left hundreds of soldiers, policemen and civilians dead.

Official authorities did not disclose any details over Maqdesi’s death. They usually release routine statements on the details of the ongoing Sinai operation.

The latest statement released on July 11 announced the death of 11 “takfiri” elements in a shootout with security forces in the al-Arish region.

The official MENA news agency reported that the security agencies had succeeded in targeting a terrorist gathering at an abandoned house in Arish. An ensuing shootout left 11 terrorists dead. The security forces seized three rifles and defused two explosives belts at the scene.

Source: Aawsat