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GFATF - Anselem Sanyatwe

Anselem Sanyatwe

Born: 21 Jan 1956;

Gender: Male;

Passport: 290060361Y34 (Zimbabwe) expires 23 Jun 2024;

Address: Zimbabwe;

Known also as: Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe;


In July 2018, Zimbabwe held its first elections since the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe in late 2017. Protesters subsequently took to the streets to speak out against the flawed elections. According to public reports, on August 1, 2018, security forces fired live ammunition to disperse the protesters, resulting in the deaths of at least six individuals and many more injured. According to multiple sources, Sanyatwe, in his former role as the commander of the Zimbabwean National Army’s Presidential Guard Brigade, activated and deployed troops to multiple parts of the capital city to attack and silence the demonstrators. Sanyatwe reportedly ordered a member of the Zimbabwean military to shoot protestors. Sanyatwe was later appointed as the Zimbabwe Ambassador to Tanzania, a position he still occupies.

Sanyatwe is being designated for being responsible for, or participating in, human rights abuses related to political repression in Zimbabwe pursuant to E.O. 13469.

At this moment, no connections were found with this entity.

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