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Germany arrests suspected ‘ISIS correspondent’ of Syrian origin

Germany arrests suspected ‘ISIS correspondent’ of Syrian origin

June 11, 2017 » Today News »

German authorities arrested 23-year-old Syrian national Mohammed G. on suspicion of being an active Daesh member.

According to reports, the man is suspected of working for Daesh’s Amaq news agency, an official propaganda outlet of the terrorist organization. Among other things, Amaq announces claims of responsibility for the organization’s attacks, including the latest terrorist acts in London.

According to the statement, Mohammed G. had been in contact with a person who had committed an attack on a Shiite community center in Sweden on October 11, 2016. One day after the attack, the suspect reportedly demanded a personal acknowledgment from his contact person about his actions.

Experts had long assumed that Daesh had media operatives in various countries because of the rapid publication of their announcements of responsibility and because their statements are often translated into numerous languages, including German.

The case of Mohammed G. could serve as proof of the possible existence of a large network of Amaq correspondents in Western countries.

Source: Sputnik