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GFATF - Atlas Holding

Atlas Holding

Commercial Registry Number: 1900656 (Lebanon);

Country: Lebanon

Address: Mount Lebanon Mohafaza, Baabda Casa, MEC Center, Ghobairy, Lebanon; Chiyah, Ghobeiry, Lebanon;

Known also as: Atlas Holding SAL

Phone: +961 1 856 229 – +961 1 856 238;




Atlas Holding is owned or controlled by the Martyrs Foundation.

Atlas Holding owns or controls at least ten companies in numerous sectors in Lebanon, including fuel, pharmaceuticals, tourism, and clothing. According to corporate registration information, the Martyrs Foundation and its senior official Sheikh Yusuf Aasi are listed as founders of Atlas Holding. As of late 2017, Atlas was among several entities identified as being subordinate to Hizballah’s Executive Council, which takes advantage of its entities’ legitimate and civilian appearance to conceal money transfers for Hizballah’s military use. Although the funding from these Executive Council companies went into Hizballah’s coffers and military activities, Hizballah hoped that the seemingly legitimate business funds could protect Hizballah from sanctions.

Subsidiaries: Medical Equipment & Drugs International Corporation, Shahed Pharm, Amana Fuel Company, Amana Plus Company, Al Kawthar, Amana Sanitary and Paints Company, City Pharma, Global Touristic Services, Mirath, Sanovera Pharm Company, Capital S.A.L.;

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