IS Attacks In Eastern Iraq – Three Soldiers Killed

IS Attacks In Eastern Iraq – Three Soldiers Killed

At least three Iraqi soldiers were killed, and two others sustained injuries after a massive clash with the extremist Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq’s eastern province of Diyala on Sunday, September 12. Militants from the Islamist group opened fire on Iraqi Forces on the outskirts of the Udeim area. According to a local tribal fighter, Mohammed al-Obaidi, the war between two groups started in the evening, some 60 km north of the provincial capital Baquba, reported Xinhua.

Meanwhile, six IS militants were also killed in a drone attack by Iraqi soldiers in Iraq’s Kirkuk province on Sunday. The fierce clash erupted earlier on the day when Daesh militants launched an attack on the federal police in Kirkuk province. In response, Iraq security forces sent a drone on a reconnaissance mission to the scene, and conducted three airstrikes on IS positions, said Iraqi Joint Operations Command in an official statement.

Clash between IS militants and Iraqi soldiers

Earlier on Saturday, IS launched another attack on soldiers near the town of Daquoq. The increasing number of daily clashes between Daesh militants and Iraqi soldiers has escalated tension in Iraq. In the last few months, it has been recorded that the IS militia is once again active and has intensified its attacks on Iraqi security forces. However, the Iraqi force has already tightened the security and repeatedly carried out military operations in Diyala, but the IS militants are using the rugged areas near the Iran border to carry out their attacks. Moreover, the IS militants have also built their hideouts at extending regions of the western part of Diyala to the Himreen mountainous areas.

It is pertinent to mention that the security situation in Iraq has been mostly under the control of Iraqi forces since the IS militants were defeated in 2017. However, there are still many IS terrorists hiding near urban areas or deserts and rugged areas. The IS militants carry out frequent guerrilla attacks from their hidings on the security forces and residents.

Source: Republic World