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Attallah Salman ‘Abd Kafi Al-Jaburi

Born: 01 January 1973;

Place of Birth: Iraq;

Gender: Male;

Citizen: Iraq;

1. Hawi al-Arishah Village, Hawijah District, Kirkuk Province, Iraq;
2. Hawijah District, Kirkuk Province, Iraq;
3. Rumanah Village, Kirkuk Province, Iraq;


Al-Jaburi is reported to have joined al-Qa’ida in 2003, where he received his knowledge and expertise in developing and fabricating improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He also became an expert in making weapons, received training in chemical weapons in Syria, and later returned to Iraq in 2015.

As of mid-2016, al-Jaburi was the ISIS chemical weapons and explosives manager located in the Kirkuk Province of Iraq. In mid-January 2016, ISIS sent him to work on a chemical weapons project that would be used against Peshmerga, more commonly known as the Iraqi Kurdish, forces in future attacks. At the time, al-Jaburi reported directly to, and received orders from, the ISIS Wilayat, (province) of Kirkuk.

In addition to his work on chemical weapons, al-Jaburi was part of an ISIS group that ran a factory in Hawijah, Iraq manufacturing IEDs, mines, and up-armored vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs).

Since late 2016, Jaburi was an ISIS senior leader in charge of an ISIS IED and explosives factory, in addition to a technical workshop located in a hospital in the Hawijah District of Kirkuk Province that was used to develop rockets for ISIS.

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