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Most wanted Australian ISIS terrorist had three children with two wives while fighting in Syria

Most wanted Australian ISIS terrorist had three children with two wives while fighting in Syria

Australia’s most wanted ISIS terrorist fathered three children with two wives while he was fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Neil ­Prakash, 27, was apprehended in 2016 when he crossed the border of Syria into Turkey and made the claims to Turkish officials.

Turkish officials revealed the information to News Corp and said they believed his story is consistent and likely true despite not being able to locate his two jihadi brides and three children.

Two of the children would be 20 and 21 months old now and all three of his alleged children would also be eligible for Australian citizenship.

Efforts to have Prakash extradited to Australia to face charges of being a member of a terrorist organisation and ‘incursions into a foreign state with the intention of engaging in hostile activity’ have been stalled.

His case was adjourned for a third time when the Kilis Criminal Court ­delayed his next hearing until July 19, and with Turkish elections coming up further delays are expected.

Prakash is awaiting sentencing in Turkey on charges of being part of a terrorist organisation and Turkish authorities need to establish his whether he committed any crimes against Turkey while fighting with ISIS.

If he is convicted for his actions he will face a lengthy prison sentence in a Turkish prison which would delay any extradition to Australia even further.

Prakash has openly admitted openly and several times to being an active member of Islamic State and when questioned during the 15 minute hearing in Turkey he again made the admission.

‘On the first charge of being a member of ISIS, that is true, but the second charge (committing a crime against the state in Turkey), I had nothing to do with,’ he said.

He challenged the court to continue its investigations because ‘I had nothing to do with that charge’.

Prakash’s court-appointed lawyer Mehmet Alper Unver attempted another application of parole for his client which was denied.

He will continue to be detained in the Gaziantep prison where he has remained since his arrest in October of 2016.

Prakash is the most senior Australian member of ISIS to be captured alive after appearing in a number of Islamic State propaganda videos in which he encouraged other followers to launch deadly attacks.

If or when he is extradited back to Australia he would be the first senior figure to be both extradited and charged under legislation which was introduced in 2015.

Source: Daily Mail

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