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Iranian authorities dismantle at least 20 ISIS-affiliated terror cells in western Iran

Iranian authorities dismantle at least 20 ISIS-affiliated terror cells in western Iran

April 17, 2019 » Today News » /


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The director-general of the intelligence ministry’s office in Kurdistan province said that 20 teams affiliated to the Takfiri grouplets, specially ISIL, were dismantled and 20 of their operational and logistical agents were under radar in the past Iranian year (ended on March 20).

“All of their terrorist and harassment operations were killed in the bud and a large amount of equipment and ammunition were discovered and seized from them,” he added.

The official, meantime, said that members of 5 groups affiliated to the anti-revolutionary terrorist grouplets, were identified and the groups were dismantled.

He also added that a number of members of a group affiliated to the PJAK (the Party for Free Life of Kurdistan) terrorist group were operating in disguise of an official Iranian party in the province, noting that the group has been disbanded as well.

The Iranian security forces stationed at the bordering areas have dismantled several terrorist groups in the past few months.

The Iranian intelligence ministry announced in February that the country’s security forces had arrested members of two terrorist groups affiliated to the ISIL in the Western province of Kurdistan who intended to assassinate Sunni clerics in Iran.

According to Intelligence Ministry statement, the intelligence forces managed to identify and detain 13 terrorists, affiliated to the ISIL grouplet, who were divided in two groups to plant bombs, kill people and assassinate certain Iranian Sunni clerics in Iran.

A number of the captured terrorists had undergone military trainings abroad and wanted to carry out terrorist acts under the guidance of one of the ISIL’s military operations ringleaders.

Remote-controlled bombs, arms and ammunitions were discovered from the terrorists.

Source: Farsnews