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Bachrumsyah Mennor Usman

Born: 23 July 1984;

Place of Birth: Bogor, Indonesia;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Indonesia;

Passport No.: A8329173 (Indonesia);

1.Raqqa, Syria;
2.Al-Shadadi, Hasaka Province, Syria.


Usman was designated for acting on behalf of ISIL. He is an ISIL official who commands ISIL fighters, facilitates funding for ISIL operations in Indonesia, recruits for ISIL, and coordinates travel and communications for ISIL members.

He had pledged allegiance to ISIL as of mid-2014 and was involved in sending Indonesians to Syria. In early February 2014, Usman claimed he was part of ISIL when he appeared at an event in support of ISIL at a mosque in Indonesia. In September 2014, he was identified as the leader of ISIL’s Archipelago Group – also known as Katibah Nusantara – in Syria. He was also designated by ISIL to receive training in bomb-making.

As of March 2016, Usman had transferred $105,000 to the leader of a group of terrorists in Indonesia identified as the “Bekasi cell”. ISIL had ordered that the money be used to carry out attacks in Indonesia. The individual receiving the money had been contemplating attacks in Bali, as well as at an international school and at an airport in Jakarta. As of February 2016, Usman reportedly transferred funds to both Indonesia and the Philippines, and he ordered an associate to plan attacks similar to the January 14, 2016 bomb attacks in Jakarta.

As of February 2016, Usman commanded an Indonesian-Malaysian fighting unit for ISIL. He was also identified as an Indonesian member of ISIL who had been promoted to the rank of high official and had uploaded to a video-sharing website, a video entitled “Join the Ranks”, in which he urges Indonesians to support ISIL. After the video featuring Usman was released, Indonesian police detected an underground movement to recruit more ISIL members. In March 2015, Usman appeared in an ISIL propaganda video that promoted ISIL’s links to Indonesia and portrayed Indonesian and Malaysian children receiving military training using machine guns.

Since April 2016, Usman financially assisted Wiji Joko Santoso – the leader of SDGT Indonesian terrorist group Mujahidin Indonesia Timur (MIT) – by transferring funds directly to an MIT-affiliated bank account and indirectly to the Philippines for the purchase of weapons for the group.

Usman studied under pro-ISIL leader Oman Rochman, collaborated with ISIL supporter and SDGT Muhammad Fachry after Rochman’s incarceration, and jointly founded an organization with Fachry that subsequently declared its support for ISIL in February 2014. Usman reportedly departed Indonesia for Syria at the end of March 2014.

Usman also had previously been a member of SDGT and Foreign Terrorist Organization Jemaah Islamiyah.

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