Backed by Russia, Syria launches massive crackdown on Daesh

Backed by Russia, Syria launches massive crackdown on Daesh

Arabic media reported that the Syrian army once again clashed heavily with the Daesh terrorist group in the center of Syria.

The Syrian army attacks in the past few days have been one of the largest military attacks in the Syrian desert, which were supported by Russian fighters, The New Arab quoted Abu Omar Al-Bukmali, a media activist in Deir Ezzor as saying on Sunday night.

Military vehicles and brigades of the 25th Division, the 5th Division, and the Syrian Presidential Guard Division participated in these attacks, he added.

Accordingly, the Syrian army’s vast attacks have been carried out in Rasafa in Raqqa, Athriya in the suburbs of Hama, Sheikh Hilal in the suburbs of Aleppo, and up to the area of ​​Al-Tanf on the border of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced two days ago that it had launched air operations and targeted the positions of terrorists in Al-Tanf, eastern Syria, which was under the control of American forces.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is an opposition to the Syrian government, also reported that the ISIS terrorists carried out separate attacks on the convoy of Syrian army forces in the Al-Amur in the eastern suburbs of Homs, the Al-Bukmal in Deir ez-Zor suburbs, and at least 10 Syrian army forces were killed.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense also confirmed on Sunday that its active units clashed with the ISIS-affiliated terrorist group in the Syrian desert.

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