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Belarusan KGB added seventeen Belarusians to list of individuals involved in terrorist activities

Belarusan KGB added seventeen Belarusians to list of individuals involved in terrorist activities

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All people added on 12 February to the updated KGB list are charged under article 289 [an act of terrorism] of the Criminal Code of Belarus. All of them belong to the “Avtukhovich group” and “Olinevich group”. Of these, five are women and 12 are men. Noteworthy that the updated list includes those who have already been detained and are now in custody.

Avtukhovich Group: Nikolay Autukhovich, Pavel Sava, Artur Popok, Irina Goryachkina, Sergey Rezanovich, Pavel Rezanovich, Lyubov Rezanovich, Irina Melkher, Anton Melkher, Galina Derbysh, Viktor Snegur, Vladimir Gundar and Olga Mayorova.

Olinevich’s Group: Igor Olinevich, Dmitry Dubovsky, Sergey Romanov, and Dmitry Rezanovich.

On 28 October last year, a group of anarchists was detained near the Ukrainian border. In total, four people were detained – Igor Olinevich, Dmitry Dubovsky, Dmitry Rezanovich, and Sergey Romanov. During searches, law enforcement officers found two units of firearms with ammunition, a combat hand grenade, a traumatic pistol and cartridges for it, cold steel and pepper gas cans, military uniforms and backpacks, tents, a sapper shovel, an ax, flashlights, laptops and tablets, GPS- trackers, video recorders, a camera, flash drives, a Ukrainian SIM card, radiocommunication equipment with hidden headsets, special equipment, bank cards, money in different currencies.

The KGB believes that the Olinevich’s group set fire to a traffic police department in Mozyr and cars near the building of the prosecutor’s office in Soligorsk. The arrest of Avtukhovich’s group on state TV was reported on 8 December. It was reported that the group led by a businessman and activist Nikolai Avtukhovich was behind the arson of a policeman’s house in Volkovysk and the explosion of a police car in Grodno.

Among the detainees are also Sergei, Lyubov and Pavel Rezanovich, Irina Goryachkina, Irina and Anton Melkher. First, the criminal case was initiated by the Investigative Committee under part 2 of article 218 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus [intentional damage to property, committed in a generally dangerous way]. Then the Prosecutor General’s Office requalified it to part 1 of article 289 [an act of terrorism].

The group members were accused of setting fire to an unfinished house in Volkovysk and several police cars in Volkovysk and Grodno. The investigation considers arson as terrorist attacks. According to Chairman of the KGB Ivan Tertel, the groups of Avtukhovich and Olinevich, who are accused of preparing the terrorist attacks, were not the only ones planning “direct action”.

There are two other Belarusians on the list: Stepan Putilo, the founder of the popular Telegram channel, which was recently declared extremist by a court decision, and Roman Protasevich, who was its editor-in-chief. At the moment, Stepan Putilo and Roman Protasevich are on the interstate wanted list.

They are accused of organizing mass riots and group actions that grossly violate public order [articles 293 and 342], as well as inciting social hostility [part 3 of article 130] of the Criminal Code of Belarus. All other persons on the list are terrorists from international lists.

Source: Belarus Feed

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