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Clashes between Syrian regime and ISIS terrorists in Suwaidaa

Clashes between Syrian regime and ISIS terrorists in Suwaidaa

July 27, 2018 » Today News »

Syrian regime media sources said on Friday that Syrian regime forces and its backing up militias clashed with fighters followed to the Islamic state ISIS militant group in Suwaidaa countryside.

Al-Ekhbarya TV, run by the Syrian regime authorities, said that in cooperation with “National defense” (Local militia) foiled a sneaking attempt for ISIS in Shabky town in the eastern countryside of Suwaidaa, and clashes broke out between both sides, simultaneously while Syrian regime were bombarding positions held by ISIS.

The clashes came after several fighters for ISIS stormed several areas in Suwaidaa city on Wednesday and conducted several explosions, in addition to carrying a wide offensive northeastern the province, and could capture several villages and towns, the offensive led to 215 fatalities.

Several pages on social media close to Syrian regime said that the residents were the one who foiled ISIS attack with light weapons, adding that Syrian regime was not existing enough and have no “Confronting fronts with ISIS northeastern the province”.

Source: LP