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ISIS are blamed for horror bomb attacks in Syria which kill 140 people

ISIS are blamed for horror bomb attacks in Syria which kill 140 people

February 21, 2016 » Today News » /


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Bomb attacks in the central Syrian city of Homs and near a shrine outside Damascus killed at least 140 people as Washington pursued efforts for a ceasefire.

Double car bombings killed at least 57 people and wounded more than 200 people in the Zahra district of Homs on Sunday morning, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Later, at least 62 people were killed in a series of attacks near the Shiite shrine of Sayyida Zeinab south of the capital, according to the Observatory.

Attacks at the shrine included a car bombing and two suicide blasts, which ripped through the area.

But reports claim the shrine itself remained undamaged.

In Homs, graphic footage from pro-Assad television channels showed charred corpses buried among rubble, damage to shop fronts and debris littering a wide area. Many cars were on fire, sending out plumes of black smoke. Wounded people walked around dazed.

ISIS claimed responsiblity for the attack, saying in an online statement that two of its members had driven explosives-laden cars into crowds of residents.

The Observatory said the attack was the second most deadly of its kind in Homs since 2011, and the deadliest for almost a year and a half.

Once dubbed the capital of the Syrian revolution, Homs city is now almost completely controlled by the Syrian government.

The only exception is Waer district, which is being gradually turned over to the government under a deal with opposition fighters.

Source: Daily Mail