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British authorities to toughen terrorism rules after London attack

British authorities to toughen terrorism rules after London attack

February 3, 2020 » Today News »


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The British government promised sweeping changes to the system for dealing with convicted terrorists released from prison after a man stabbed two people in a busy south London street on Sunday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will set out tougher rules on releasing people convicted of terrorism offences after an attacker injured two people in a stabbing spree days after he was set free halfway through his prison term.

Sudesh Amman, jailed in 2018 for possession of terrorist documents and disseminating terrorist publications, was shot dead by police on Sunday after he went on the rampage with a stolen 25 cm knife on a busy London street.

Amman had previously praised the Daesh group, shared an online al Qaeda magazine and encouraged his girlfriend to behead her parents.

Johnson said the government would announce fundamental changes in dealing with people convicted of terrorism offences.

“Those measures will build upon the actions we have already put in place,” interior minister Priti Patel said.

She said there would be legislation to end the early release from prison of counter-terrorism offenders.

“It is right that these individuals are kept behind bars,” Patel said.

British politicians have repeatedly discussed tougher rules on terrorism, calls that increased after a former convict killed two people and wounded three more before police shot him dead near London Bridge in November.

Johnson said that since that attack, the government had “moved quickly to introduce a package of measures to strengthen every element of our response to terrorism – including longer prison sentences and more money for the police”.

Source: TRT World