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July 3, 2020 » Today News »

British Islamic State bride Samia Hussein reveals how arm and breast were blown off in Syria air strike

British Islamic State bride Samia Hussein reveals how arm and breast were blown off in Syria air strike


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

 Affected Countries: united-kingdom; syria;

A British ISIS bride has revealed her arm and breast were blown off in an air strike while living in the hellhole caliphate, in her first ever interview.

Samia Hussein, 25, from Southall, West London, claims she was groomed and radicalised online before fleeing to Syria to join the death cult at the height of the country’s civil war in January, 2015.

But within 12 months of arriving, the young brainwashed woman was nearly killed in a coalition air strike which left her bed-ridden for seven months.

In her first ever interview, Samia, who is being held in the Kurdish-run al-Hol prisoner camp in north east Syria, says ISIS deliberately stored weapons in a civilian building next to where she was staying.

Speaking with documentary filmmaker Alan Duncan, she said: “I came into the house and I just remember seeing orange but didn’t notice I was injured at all and I tried to run.

“But then I realised that my arm was cut off, my chest was split open and my leg was broken – the whole bone came out.”

She says the attack was not a deliberate assault on civilians, adding: “I blame the Islamic State – you are putting things in amongst civilians and their houses…because they know the coalition won’t want to hit women and children.”

The Brit claims a six-month-old baby died from the attack along with a female pensioner – deaths which ISIS used in their propaganda videos.

Samia said: “To them this is good. They can take a recording of this and publicise it in their propaganda saying ‘look the coalition has killed women and children.’

“They place (weapons) in the midst of the families and when the coalition does strike they can use it for propaganda.”

The 25-year-old was left bed-ridden for seven months after losing her arm, one of her breasts and badly breaking her leg which doctors nearly amputated.

Living in the terror group’s so-called caliphate – an area which stretched across northern Syria and northern Iraq – was a living nightmare where death and oppression were realities of everyday life.

Samia claims she travelled to Syria to help Muslims in the civil war but what she was told by her online groomers, who targeted her on Facebook, was a “fantasy.”

She described conditions in the caliphate as “inhumane” where people were held in cages for misdemeanours such as smoking and not attending prayers.

The Brit claims Russian jets would target packed shopping areas while dictator Bashar Assad’s forces would attack schools.

Officials have estimated that up to 1,500 British nationals travelled to the region to fight or support the terror group.

But why were so many UK passport holders allowed to cross over?

Samia, who was captured in Baghuz by Kurdish forces, claims she knew of several young Brits being contacted by MI5 and being warned about being radicalised online.

However, these youngsters were still able to travel to Turkey where they then crossed over the border into war-torn Syria.

Samia said: “MI5 came to their house and told them we are watching but did not take their passports.

“They were allowed to leave for Turkey and walk into Syria.

“Why didn’t they stop British nationals and hold them in Turkey and have officials come and talk to them.

“There were no guards on the border. It was easy I can tell you. It was really easy.

“Fifteen-year-olds on a school day are flying to Turkey meanwhile every British national knows Turkey is the route to the Islamic State.”

Alan Duncan, a former British Army soldier who fought against ISIS with the Kurds, hit out at Turkey for allowing thousands of westerners to travel into Syria during the civil war.

He told Sun Online: “Turkey is supposed to be a NATO ally and they allowed thousands to cross into Syria without any checks.”

Alan says he spoke to one girl in al-Hol, who did not want to be filmed, who claims MI5 came to her London school to talk to her about being radicalised.

Yet, the security services did not contact her parents and the teenager was able to travel to the war zone.

Alan believes the UK government should help the Kurds more in north east Syria as they “are dealing with our problems.”

As for Samia, she claims she did not know anything of the atrocities being carried out by ISIS despite being a journalism student.

She now wants the chance to return to the UK and is willing to face being prosecuted in a British court.

Samia said: “Im alive, half of me survived anyway. We were groomed online. I never knew coming to Syria was a crime.”

The 25-year-old admits she has “brought shame” upon her family, who are not religious and did not know she was being radicalised.

Alan Duncan is currently working on a documentary with television firm Atlantic Productions which is set to air in the UK and US in 2021.

He interviewed dozens of extremists and also rescued a Yazidi sex slave during filming.

Source: The Sun