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February 4, 2019 » Today News

FBI will put two British members of ISIS Beatles gang on trial this summer

FBI will put two British members of ISIS Beatles gang on trial this summer

It is feared that the men could be freed from jail by ISIS supporters or let go by captors who are overstretched.

It is in the interest to have them extradited to the US quickly because ‘there are concerns they could be released by the Kurdish authorities in the wake of Trump’s decision to leave Syria’, an intelligence source told the Sunday Times.

The two men, who were nicknamed The Beatles by captives due to their British accents, are accused of killing 27 hostages, including British aid workers and American journalists.

Britain has so far refused to take any back, instead stripping them of citizenship to stop them returning.

Figures show there are six Britons among the 795 IS prisoners held in northern Syria.

There are also more than a dozen British jihadi wives and children being held in two camps, out of a total of 584 women and 1,248 children from across the world.

Last month Home Secretary Sajid Javid won a legal battle over sharing evidence with the US on the two terror cell members.

In a landmark case, senior judges rejected claims that Mr Javid acted unlawfully by not seeking guarantees over the fate of Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh if they stood trial in America.

In July it was revealed that Britain had made clear it was ready to share confidential information with no such promises.

Elsheikh’s mother, Maha Elgizouli, challenged the Government’s decision in the High Court.

She argued that Mr Javid had secretly abandoned UK policy of passing on intelligence for prosecutions only in cases where there is no threat of capital punishment.

But Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett, sitting with Mr Justice Garnham said that Mr Javid had not broken the law and was i his right to share information.

Source: Daily Mail