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British tourists run for their lives at Turkish hotel as staff dress up as ISIS terrorists

British tourists run for their lives at Turkish hotel as staff dress up as ISIS terrorists


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

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Terrified British tourists screamed and fled for their lives at a Turkish hotel after a staff member dressed up as an ISIS killer – and even pretended to withdraw a gun at the poolside, it is reported.

The male worker, who has not been identified, allegedly donned a black hood, mask and robes before confronting unsuspecting holidaymakers by the pool at Club Hotel Pineta in Marmaris.

As his colleagues watched in amusement, he reportedly chanted in Arabic, before approaching a six-year-old girl playing near a sunbed and pretending to reach for a weapon under his robes.

He then went into the three-star hotel’s restaurant, where he continued his act, The Sun reports.

The incident apparently sparked fear among tourists, who screamed and ran from the man.

It comes just 10 weeks after a similar stunt frightened holidaymakers at another Turkish resort – and four months after the Tunisian beach massacre, which claimed the lives of 38 innocent tourists.

One photo from the latest incident shows the man posing in his ISIS-themed attire at the side of the hotel’s pool, while three bare-chested male tourists, who are in the water, watch him in confusion.

Another depicts the worker reaching for something inside his robes as he stands near sunbeds.

Speaking to The Sun’s Dean Wilkins, Jade Daines, a mother-of-one from Ashford, Middlesex, who witnessed the recent stunt, said: ‘People had no idea what was going on, we feared the worst.’

Ms Daines, who is now suing the travel firm that arranged her holiday, added that when she and other tourists alerted reception workers to the employee’s actions, they simply ‘laughed’.

Anne Thomson, head of travel law at Your Holiday Claims, which is representing Ms Daines in the case, told MailOnline in a statement: ‘It’s unacceptable to be subjected to such an experience.’

In the similar stunt in August, staff members at the five-star Grand Yazici Mares hotel in Icmeler, Turkey, reportedly stormed the venue’s pool area with fake machine guns and cans labelled ‘fuel’.

Jason Phythian, a 43-year-old electrician from Fallowfield, Greater Manchester, was relaxing beside the pool at when a worker – dressed in Arab clothing – poured liquid marked ‘fuel’ over him.

He then watched in horror as the man pulled out a lighter.

Meanwhile, nearby sunbathers ran for their lives as other ‘attackers’ ran amok with fake guns.

The holidaymakers were later informed the ordeal was part of a ‘Hollywood-themed poolside show’.

However, many were left outraged and said it resembled the then-recent atrocities in Tunisia.

Thirty British holidaymakers were among the 38 people shot dead when ISIS terrorist Seifeddine Rezgui stormed a popular resort near Sousse, Tunisia, on June 26, disguised as a tourist.

In that case, the hotel workers were deemed heroes after trying to help tourists on to a boat to escape from Rezgui, before putting their own lives at risk by chasing the gunman along the beach.

Rezgui, who was armed with a Kalashnikov, was eventually fatally shot by police outside the hotel.

British tour operators immediately suspended holidays to the North African country in the wake of the mass shooting, with the Foreign Office warning of potential further attacks.

Mr Phythian, who was on a 10-day holiday with five family members to celebrate his father George’s 70th birthday, said the incident at the Turkish resort had left them wanting to return to the UK.

He told The Sun’s Mike Ridley: ‘There were loads of British people round the pool, and suddenly everyone became terrified. I looked around and saw Arab-looking guys stalking around and above the pool carrying big guns. One ran up to me with a bucket with ‘Fuel’ written on the side.

‘He threw it over me and got out a cigarette lighter. I jumped up, not knowing what on Earth was going on. It was disgusting to try and make light of Tunisia in that way.’

Ms Sutton, 41, also complained about the incident in a review on the hotel’s page on Trip Advisor.

She wrote: ‘So shocked to see them dressed up. One was dressed in army pants walking round with a gun and pointing it at people. Then there were two walking about as Arabs, one with a rifle and one with a container with ‘Fuel’ written on — it was only water.

‘He came up to a family member and poured it on his head, then pretended to light his head. They thought it was entertainment. I just thought it was bad taste since what happened in Tunisia.’

Club Hotel Pineta did not comment to the newspaper about the latest incident.

Source: Daily Mail