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Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait presents the organization investment portfolio

Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait presents the organization investment portfolio

January 18, 2017 » Today News »


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Munir Adeeb, an expert on Islamic movements and international terrorism, claims that the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait represents an important factor in the equation of the international Muslim Brotherhood organization. This is especially true since the Brotherhood in Kuwait operates within the formal institutions of the state and its representatives in Parliament.
The specialist pointed out that the strength of the organization lies in the Social Reform Society and its political arm, which operates in accordance with Kuwaiti regulations and laws. According to Adeeb, what makes the Kuwaiti Brotherhood so influential within the international organization, including its decisions and choices, is their (successful) integration into political life in Kuwait as well as their financial and economic power.

They are the striking force of the organization, which has come to be under siege in many Arab states. Adeeb was quoted as saying: “The Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait represents the investment portfolio which the international organization uses to spend money on some of its malevolent activities both in Europe and other countries which the Brotherhood supports financially.”

Source: /Alshahed