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May 7, 2018 » Today News »

The ISIS butcher of Raqqa: ISIS assassin who slaughtered more than 100 people

The ISIS butcher of Raqqa: ISIS assassin who slaughtered more than 100 people


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The man, known only as Khaled, turned to a life of murder after being picked up from a peaceful protest and tortured in prison.

An ISIS assassin has brazenly described butchering his enemy by slicing his tongue with scissors.

The man, named only as Khaled, is thought to have slaughtered more than 100 people in Syria’s northern city of Raqqa.

Speaking to the BBC, the activist turned killer described in gruesome detail the brutal execution of a local prison guard who had once tortured him.

Khaled claimed he was picked up from an anti-government protest and tortured in prison on a near-daily basis by the barbaric guard, who was aligned with Assad’s regime.

Once free from prison, Khaled turned to the dark side, and tracked down the guard who had tormented him.

He said: “I asked people about [the guard] who worked at the Criminal Security Department until I found him. We followed him home, and took him.

“I took him to a farm near the Central Prison which was a liberated area.

“I cut off his hand with a butcher’s knife. I pulled out his tongue and cut it with scissors. And still I wasn’t satisfied.

“I killed him when he begged for it. I came for revenge, so I wasn’t afraid.

“Despite all the torture methods I used with him, I don’t feel regret or sorrow.

“On the contrary; if he came back to life again right now I would do the same.”

Once a campaigner for a revolution in Syria, the now disillusioned and tormented young man took on an even darker role by becoming an ISIS assassin.

Already trained as a killer by the Islamists of Ahrar al-Sham, Khaled joined al-Nusra Front, then the official affiliate of al-Qaeda in Syria.

He soon began working as a double agent for al-Nusra Front, infiltrating ISIS to learn their inside secrets.

He said: “I showed IS a friendly face, but I would secretly kidnap and interrogate their members, then kill them.

“The first one I kidnapped was Syrian, the leader of an IS training camp.

“I would leak to IS whatever Abu al-Abbas wanted me to leak.

“Some information was true, to make IS believe me, but at the same time I took secrets from them.”

During this time, Khaled claims to have murdered around 16 people for Islamic State, shooting them in their homes with a silenced pistol.

Source: Sun