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January 28, 2019 » Today News

Canadian police say they have foiled Canadian terror plot

Canadian police say they have foiled Canadian terror plot

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) counter-terrorism officer told reporters in Kingston, Ont. Friday that they have foiled a terrorist operation in the making.

Superintendent Peter Lambertuccci said two people were arrested. Hussam Eddin Alzahabi was released without charges and is a Syrian refugee who came to Canada in 2017. The prime suspect — a friend of Alzahabi — who has been charged with numerous terrorist offenses cannot be named because of Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act that prohibits the naming of an accused under the age of 18.

Alzahabi told City News that he spoke to his friend about making bombs.

“[The accused] talked a lot about that,” said Alzahabi. “[Investigators] thought I am encouraging [the accused] to do some things like that but I said to [the accused] and I tried to prevent… stuff like that, it’s not good, it doesn’t give any benefit for you.”

The RCMP emphasized how an ounce of prevention can avoid a pound of painful consequences.

“The act didn’t take place. We disrupted the act,” Lambertucci said.

“The individual identified expressed capacity and capability and intent but to specific ideology, I can’t comment on that. It was a confirmed attack plan. There is motive, but I am not prepared to comment on that right now,” he said.

The RCMP opened its investigation after the Federal Bureau of Investigation shared intelligence regarding a potential bomb plot.

“From the initial information, it was a substantiated and credible attack plot, however, there was no indication where the attack was to take place; there was no specific targeting or time associated with it,” Lambertucci said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to the news by suggesting people not use the incident “to divide” the country.

“Anyone who chooses to divide Canadians against each other, to use fear or violence to threaten our society will fail, because Canadians are strong and resilient and we lean on each other and we’re there for each other,” Trudeau said.

Source: Daily Caller