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The coronavirus crisis boosting Islamic State in Middle East sparking terror attack fears

The coronavirus crisis boosting Islamic State in Middle East sparking terror attack fears


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

 Affected Countries: syria; iraq;

Terror attacks could soar because of the Covid -19 pandemic, experts fear.

Islamic State is resurging in Syria and Iraq because of Coronavirus and the Taliban-US peace deal is at “breaking point.”

Counter terror officers believe far-right extremists in the west could also plot mayhem, spreading fear and conspiracy theories about the origins of Coronavirus.

In Syria Islamic State is resurgent as a humanitarian crisis is stretching security forces who have fought to smash the extremists.

Medical equipment has been sent to Kurdish-led forces guarding more than 10,000 prisoners including dozens of Brits and other militants from Europe.

And camps housing thousands of ISIS-related refugees are at bursting point, with leaders using terrible conditions to radicalise new young recruits to the death cult.

Intelligence officers also believe ISIS is boosting recruitment in the region by cashing in on the breakdown of security in both Syria and Iraq.

The Taliban claim a peace deal with the US is nearing breaking point, amid fears the spread of the virus had diverted Washington’s attention from Afghanistan.

This could free up local ISIS fighters battling the Taliban for control to launch attacks and spark plots against the west.

And across America and Britain, experts are warning the far-right is using the outbreak to create tension with ethnic communities and conspiracy theories about the illness.

One former British intelligence officer said: “There are many ways in which the virus is creating multiple threats that have been kept at bay for some time.

“Practically the conditions in the Middle East could be worsening in terms of the ongoing battle to quell Islamic State and keep them at bay.

“Much of what has been achieved could be undone by the panic and break down of security in the region, allowing Daesh to reform and once again look to the west for attacks.

“There is a feeling that the far-right is on the rise in the US and possibly in Britain and these groups are spreading disinformation about the virus but this could manifest itself in violence.”

Source: Mirror