Daesh-linked website calls for Paris Olympics attacks

Daesh-linked website calls for Paris Olympics attacks

Daesh supporters have called for attacks against the Paris 2024 Olympics, Metro newspaper reported.

A website with links to the terror group encouraged “lone wolves” to target the games, with a mocked-up image of a drone flying over a crowd with the Eiffel Tower in the background posted online.

The image was published by Al-Raud Project, which is described by Europol as a “video streaming platform for IS (Daesh) releases.”

The drone in the image carries a parcel with the word “gift” written on it, and the picture is accompanied by the caption: “Lone wolves’ Olympics have begun, God willing.”

The post, according to Al-Raud Project, was created by Al-Adiyat Media Foundation, which is known for calling for violent attacks on individuals and churches, and praises what it calls “soldiers of the Caliphate,” a reference to Daesh.

The terror group has a history of claiming responsibility for lone wolf attacks, which involve individuals acting without direct instruction or support from an organization.

French authorities are on high alert ahead of the games, not only in Paris but 17 other cities where various Olympic events will be held.

An 18-year-old Russian of Chechen background living as an asylum-seeker in France was recently arrested on suspicion of planning to attack a football stadium hosting Olympic matches later this summer.

Source » arabnews.com