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GFATF - LLL - Daniel Khoshnood

Daniel Khoshnood

September 27, 2021 Extremists /

Born: 1991;

Place of Birth: Canada;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Canadian;

General Info:
Daniel Khoshnood is a Canadian citizen who was convicted for possesing extremist ideological material, including multiple bomb-making guides.

Khoshnood, along with Kevin Omar Mohamed were found to have met with each other, as seen on a surveillance camera at the Yonge-Bloor subway interchange in downtown Toronto.

The forensics report also showed Kevin Omar Mohamed had direct communication with Khoshnood via WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal apps.

Khoshnood had communicated an interest in rough fanaticism while serving in jail, and a hunt of his telephone turned up radical writing, including the Al Qaeda promulgation magazine Inspire.

His phone contained a large amount of information that could be used to carry out a terrorist attack, including multiple bomb-making guides, and extremist ideological material.

Khoshnood seemed to align himself with the Taliban, using the terms “we” and “us” when he wrote about the militant group on YouTube.

“We will keep sending out suicide bombers,” he allegedly wrote. “Taliban is the true Islamic force.”

Khoshnood was initially arrested after he robbed and shot a man thirteen times with a pellet gun in 2010.

Just two years later, Khoshnood robbed a Toronto hotel by gunpoint, sprayed two people with pepper spray, and got away with $1,000 cash.

He went on to rob two jewelry stores before eventually being caught by police and arrested.

Khoshnood was arrested on March 23, 2021, after violating his probation by possessing a smartphone.

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