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December 29, 2018 » Today News

Destruction of Hezbollah terror tunnel proves that it started in Lebanon

Destruction of Hezbollah terror tunnel proves that it started in Lebanon


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The IDF announced that it has destroyed all of the Hezbollah terror tunnels originating from the Lebanese village of Kafr Kila, and released video footage showing that at least one of the tunnels originated in Lebanon, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

In addition to blowing up the tunnels they have discovered, the IDF has also pumped a liquid, identified by the IDF as cement, into the tunnel from the Israeli side to render them impassible.

Subsequently, the IDF released video showing that the liquid exited in residential areas in southern Lebanon, revealing the location of the tunnel’s entrance.

“This fact points to Hezbollah’s use of civilian structures in the heart of built-up areas in southern Lebanon, endangering its citizens as human shields in grave violation of [UN Security Council] Resolution 1701,” the army said in a statement. Resolution 1701 ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah and prohibited the presence of any armed forces in southern Lebanon other than the Lebanese army.

In a call with reporters, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus didn’t specify how many tunnels were discovered originating in Kafr Kila, or the number of tunnels the IDF will have to destroy. However, he estimated that Operation Northern Shield, the effort to locate and destroy Hezbollah’s terror tunnels, which began on December 4, could go on for several more weeks. The IDF has said that it destroyed five tunnels so far.

Conricus also cited a Hezbollah propaganda movie from 2013 that said that the Iranian-backed terror group had a three-pronged plan for capturing the Galilee. The movie showed an invasion of northern Israel taking place under a barrage of rocket fire, accompanied by both aboveground and underground invasion forces.

The spokesperson also said that though Israel holds Lebanon responsible for the violation of Israeli sovereignty, it was Hezbollah that was constructing the tunnels.

The Israel Project, which publishes The Tower, produced a video explaining the threat posed by the terror tunnels and emphasizing Hezbollah’s tactic of using human shields to protect its military buildup.

Source: The Tower

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