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Iraqi forces detain ISIS’s execution officer

Iraqi forces detain ISIS’s execution officer

The Iraqi security forces captured several senior ISIL terrorists, including a man responsible for executions, in the town of al-Huweija Southwest of Kirkuk, an Arab media outlet reported on Tuesday.

Al-Sumeriyeh news quoted a well-informed source as reporting that the security forces have captured Abu Wahab Araghi in a residential unit in al-Zab region in al-Huweija along with four of his comrades.

Abu Wahab was the ISIL man in charge of executions, al-Sumeriyeh said, adding that Abu Wahab was the mastermind behind several assassinations and kidnapping operations in al-Huweija.

The news website further said that the security forces discovered a series of documents in Abu Wahab’s hideout proving that he had new plans to attack certain locations in the region.

In a similar development on Wednesday, the security forces, tipped-off by the country’s popular forces of Hashd al-Sha’abi, staged an ambush on a militant hideout in the village of Karhakazan, and killed the terrorists.

The slain terrorists were later identified as Adnan Ahmed Hassan al-Sour nom de guerre Abu Rizwan, who was a senior militant commander in the Riyadh district Southwest of Kirkuk, Shaker Shallal Ousebi, commonly known as Abu Haifa, who was responsible for ISIL’s medical affairs, Abu Talha, Abu Haitham and Hassan Ali Thalaj nom de guerre Abu Dhar.

Abu Rizwan was apparently one of the main organizers of ISIL’s surprise attack on Hashd al-Sha’abi forces in Sa’adounia village, Western Huweija, on February 18, when 21 voluntary fighters were killed.

Separately, security forces have uncovered a huge cache of ISIL’s munitions in the oil-rich city of Baiji, some 130 miles North of Baghdad.

Source: Farsnews

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