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Eizenkot reveals new Hezbollah plan to attack Israel

Eizenkot reveals new Hezbollah plan to attack Israel

November 22, 2019 » Today News »


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A former Israeli chief-of-staff unveiled an alleged “new plan” by Hezbollah to storm the Zionist entity from the southern border of Lebanon.

The newspaper “Israel Hayom” reported on Thursday evening that General Gadi Eizenkot revealed a new alleged plan by Hezbollah to penetrate into the occupied territories from several border tunnels, according to Al-Masdar News (AMN).

According to Eizenkot, Hezbollah, in coordination with the IRGC’s Quds Force, is training about 6,000 Lebanese fighters to penetrate the Palestinian border through dozens of tunnels during a possible confrontation with the Zionist forces, the newspaper quoted the former Israeli chief-of-staff as saying.

Eizenkot reportedly made the remarks during a security lecture on Thursday at the Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies. He said Hezbollah intended to surprise the occupation army by infiltrating more than 6,000 Lebanese fighters through dozens of tunnels to break into the Upper Galilee region, specifically, to take control of it.

According to the newspaper, Eizenkot said Hezbollah has been building its important military and strategic capabilities for the past ten years, and that the operation “Shield of the North”, which took place last year along the Lebanese-Palestinian border, was to thwart part of this plan.

Source: Almanar