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April 13, 2017 » Today News »

English Premier League security beefed up as fears grow of an ISIS ‘death list’

English Premier League security beefed up as fears grow of an ISIS ‘death list’

Security will be high at sporting events over Easter following the bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund coach this week and claims of an Islamic State “death list” threatening many sports stars.
“All 20 Premier League clubs will now be given fresh advice on making sure the transport they use is safe – including possibly changes to the regular routes they take to games,” reports the Daily Mirror.

“The move comes as Manchester United prepare to take on Anderlecht in their Europa League tie in the powder-keg city of Brussels – scene of the 2016 airport terror atrocity that left 32 innocent people dead and more than 300 injured.”

United will have “unprecedented protection”, says The Sun. “Armed police will shadow Manchester United’s team bus on Brussels streets, and will be also supported by snipers and helicopters.”

All bags and backpacks will be banned from the stadium and fans without tickets have been urged to stay away from the ground, reports the Daily Mail.

Security will also be heightened at this weekend’s Premier League matches, with extra checks expected at grounds. The £1.4m security operation in Cardiff for the Champions League final in June has already been tightened in the wake of the Dortmund attack and vehicle access to the city will be severely restricted.

“With the Boston marathon looming on Monday – four years after it was the deadly target of Chechen-American brothers – and sprawling events such as the Tour de France and next year’s World Cup in Russia to follow, security authorities everywhere are taking a new look at protecting athletes and spectators,” reports AFP.

It adds that sports events have been a target for terror attacks in the past, with suicide bombers targeting the Stade du France during the Paris attacks in 2015.

Borussia Dortmund came under attack on Tuesday as they travelled to their Champions League match against Monaco. Defender Marc Bartra was hit by glass and suffered a broken wrist after three bombs were detonated on the roadside.

Security expert Will Geddes told the Mirror: “An attack on a multinational German club team on their way to a game comes as a real surprise and really does show nowhere is completely safe for players, fans or staff.

“This includes training grounds, hotels and even the routes players take to a match now.”

Some of the biggest names in sport now fear they could become IS targets, reports the Daily Star.

“It follows the discovery of two letters following the Dortmund bus attack… One warned of an Islamic State ‘death list’ targeting the biggest names in sport ‘in Germany and other crusader nations’,” says the paper.

“The likes of England footballer Wayne Rooney, tennis ace Andy Murray, Formula 1 king Lewis Hamilton and golf hero Rory McIlroy are upping security.”

The letter, published in German newspaper Bild, carried threats against “infidel actors, singers, athletes and all prominent personalities”.

Source: /The Week