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Ex-Islamic State women and children transferred across the durand line

Ex-Islamic State women and children transferred across the durand line

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One hundred and thirty women and children separated from surrendered Daesh fighters were transferred to Pakistani tribal elders in Nangarhar province on Wednesday.

Nangarhar governor Shah Mahmood Miakhel said that these women and children, along with hundreds of Daesh fighters, had surrendered to security forces in Nangarhar in recent months.

“Nearly 50 women and 80 children, after being identified by their relatives—and, of course, after the women confirm–will be handed over to their relatives,” said Miakhel, governor.

“These women are the Pashtun’s dignity. They are not criminals and the Afghan people should not consider them criminals,” said Malik Osman, a tribal elder across the Durand Line.

Meanwhile, some tribesmen accused the Pakistani military intelligence service of supporting terror groups in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has denied the allegation.

“The savage Pakistani military—ISI– has wreaked havoc on us, and now they have started here (Afghanistan). Let’s stop these evil people together,” said Malik Saboori Afridi, a tribal elder across the Durand Line.

“We are very pleased with you (Afghan government). These people (Daesh fighters) have committed more crimes in our country than they ever did in your country,” said Asmatullah Orakzai, a tribal elder from across the Durand Line.

Local government officials in Nangarhar said the defeat of Daesh in the province late last year resulted in one thousand and one hundred Daesh fighters, many of them Pakistanis, surrendering to security forces with their children and spouses.

Last year in November 2019 President Ghani, visiting Nangarhar province, said the “elimination “of Daesh in the province is a major achievement for Afghanistan, the region and the world.

In recent years, Nangarhar has been named a key Daesh base in Afghanistan.

During his visit to Nangarhar province President Ghani also considered what to do with the Daesh members and their families who have surrendered.

“My request, Mr. Governor, is to speak to the elders as soon as possible in order to deal in an Afghan and Islamic way with the women and children of Daesh fighters and to prepare a plan to transfer them to the other tribes– of Waziristan or Khyber Agency. I don’t want to hand them over to Pakistan,” Ghani said.

Source: Tolo News