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Ex policeman raised red flag over London Bridge terrorist Khan after prison meet

Ex policeman raised red flag over London Bridge terrorist Khan after prison meet

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  • LLL - GFATF - Usman Khan Usman Khan Usman Khan is the London Bridge attacker who killed two persons...[+]
  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

 Affected Countries: united-kingdom;

A former Scotland Yard officer claimed he raised a “red flag” over the behaviour of London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan after meeting him in prison.

The unnamed official, who spoke with Khan at Whitemoor prison, Cambridgeshire, in November last year, told how the terrorist lost his temper during one of their encounters.

He said he reported his fears that the sudden flare-up suggested there was a dark side to what he regarded as a “suspiciously rehearsed” persona from their previous encounters.

Khan, 28, who had been convicted as a teenager of plotting to bomb the London stock exchange and the home of Boris Johnson , claimed to have renounced his jihadi views.

In interviews with the ex-police officer, who was working as a mentor for the Home Office-backed scheme Learning Together, he declared that he had reformed and was so changed from his earlier self that he was now helping other inmates stay away from terrorism.

The display of anger happened during a meeting in which the convict admitted to being frustrated by the probation service’s licence conditions, which included an electronic monitoring tag, curfew and closely supervised internet access.

The mentor, who met Khan twice a week for two-hour sessions between December 2018 and March this year, told the Sunday Times newspaper: “During the meeting, he went from being measured and calm to suddenly being enraged about something he claimed the probation services weren’t allowing him to do.

Source: Mirror